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Policies & Feedback

Accessibility Standards for Customer Service (AODA)

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines on providing services to people with disabilities that will facilitate accessibility to services for individuals. This policy is in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 and in keeping with Ontario Regulation 429/07 – Accessibility Standards for Customer Service. Click here to download the Accessible Customer Service policy.

CMHA Sudbury/Manitoulin will make reasonable efforts to ensure policies, practices and procedures and the delivery of services provided to persons with disabilities are in keeping with the principles of dignity, equity/equality of outcome, independence and integration and we will communicate with people with disabilities in ways that take into account their disability and communication needs.

Click on the links below to download each Accessible Customer Service policy.

To view our AODA Accessibility Plan, click here.

To provide feedback on our accessibility practices, please complete the Feedback Concern & Complaint survey at the link below. 

Feedback, Concern & Complaint

Providing quality service that is accessible to individuals who use our services is important to us. Your comments, complaints and compliments will help us monitor and improve our services and your service experiences. Your feedback will help us identify where changes should be considered, ways in which we can improve how we deliver services to individuals and other people with disabilities, and what we do well.

CMHA would like to assist individuals in becoming aware of the importance of possessing good conflict resolution skills. This process helps identify potential situations and how they can be approached, defused and ultimately resolved. Dealing with feedback or concerns is not easy but it can be productive if we all work together.

Click Here to download our Feedback, Concern & Complaint pamphlet.

Click here to complete the Feedback, Concern & Complaint survey in English.

Click here to view our Feedback, Concern & Complaint policy.

Compliments and Gifts: When something good happens, speak to your worker in person or send us something in writing. Sometimes people want to give gifts to workers that have helped them. We appreciate your generosity, but unfortunately workers cannot accept gifts. The greatest gift you can give is to express your appreciation and feedback in writing or online.

French Language Services

In accordance with the French Language Services Act, individuals will have the right to access Agency services in French or English according to their language preference.  Accordingly, the Canadian Mental Health Association – Sudbury/Manitoulin is dedicated to providing comprehensive high quality services and care to individuals in the official language in which they are most comfortable.

Click the link below to download the French Language Services policy.

French Language Services Policy

French Language Service Experience Survey

The purpose of this survey is to inform the Canadian Mental Health Association – Sudbury/ Manitoulin regarding your experience with respect to services received in French. We would like to learn more about how you felt in order to improve the French language services offered to other individuals.

Click here to complete the survey in English.

Click here to complete the survey in French.

Privacy and Confidentiality

CMHA-S/M is committed to ensuring that the privacy of all individuals’ Personal Health Information (PHI) and organizational confidentiality is protected through compliance with Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, (FIPPA) and other pertinent legislation.

Click here to download the Statement of Personal Health Information Practices

Click here to download the Privacy policy.

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