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Housing Program – Support Services

Rent Supplement is a provincially funded service that provides a rent subsidy to individuals who require financial assistance to obtain or maintain suitable housing. The purpose of the service is to assist individuals in accessing decent, safe, affordable and secure housing. The service operates in partnership with landlords in the Sudbury/Manitoulin district.

Housing Case Management is a service that provides short-term support to individuals who are receiving housing services from CMHA and require assistance in sustaining and maintaining their housing. Individuals can receive assistance from a Housing Case Manager for 3 to 4 months to enhance daily living skills and maintain their wellness to reduce crisis, hospitalizations and risk of homelessness. Short term support activities will involve one-on-one planning (personal care plans) and may include crisis prevention, hospital diversion, development of daily living skills, advocacy with landlords, peer support and an opportunity to access community resources and supports.

Rent Supplement Availability

Acceptance into the Rent Supplement Program is based on a priority rating scale and not first come first served.

Individuals who are interested in applying can present at the agency at 111 Elm Sudbury to complete the intake process or contact the Intake Team by telephone at 705-675-7252.

Please note that all applicants are required to provide proof of income with their application. Wait lists are not kept and individuals who are not selected will need to reapply once there is availability.

Applications are currently not being accepted.

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