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There are two services offered through the Clinical Program: Case Management and Intake. These services aim to ensure that the needs of individuals are being met by a means that is suitable for their unique situation.

Case Management services support individuals with making changes in their life in areas which they have self-identified a need, such as living, working, learning, or social. With the help of a case manager, they work together towards looking at the barriers preventing them from being successful in achieving their goals. An individual does not have to have a goal in mind at the time of intake, as the case manager can support the person in looking at areas in their life, they are unsatisfied with and would like to change. Case Managers will meet with individuals in their homes, within the community, virtually, or in the office.

Intake is a service that identifies individuals’ needs through a single point of access to CMHA programs. Information is provided to individuals through a brief service, family support, and/or referrals to community services.

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