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200 Larch

CMHA-S/M’s 200 Larch is an integrated health services hub established by community partners with the goal to address issues related to mental health, addictions, and homelessness in Sudbury’s downtown core. An integrated service delivery model means that all of the resources and programs are available under one roof.

In 2014, the idea for an integrated health services hub was identified as a benefit for Sudbury’s downtown core. Since then we have been working closely with out community partners, including North East Local Health Integration Network, City of Greater Sudbury, Greater Sudbury Police Services, and individuals impacted by mental health and addictions to make this a reality.

Individuals in the downtown were not getting their needs met and key services were lacking. Emergency and hospital services were also in high use and shelters were not accessible for those using drugs and alcohol. This created negative outcomes for individuals who were homeless and struggling with addictions.

200 Larch is a place where vulnerable individuals can access shelter, mental health and addiction services, and primary care. We know that when supports are provided at the right time and place, they have a positive impact on the health and safety of our entire community.

Visit out hub and hear from community partners in this video to learn more about 200 Larch.

Thank you to John Rumball Photography for its generous donation of this 360-degree virtual tour. Click here to view the virtual tour.

Sudbury District Nurse Practitioner Clinic

The Sudbury District Nurse Practitioner (NP) Clinic onsite, makes quality primary health care more accessible to marginalized and homeless people living with medical conditions, mental illness, addictions and poverty.

The NP-led clinic provides comprehensive primary care with a team approach. Each patient is registered to the clinic and sees the NP for most of their health care needs. Physicians are part of the team and available on site to collaborate on more complex care issues. The team includes a pharmacist, registered nurse, social worker and dietician.

CMHA-S/M OTS Emergency Shelter

The Off The Street Shelter (OTS) program provides 30 cots and a warm, safe place to sleep with light snacks, showers, and referral services. Individuals 18+ of all genders who are experiencing homelessness can access shelter from 10 pm to 8 am, seven days per week. The shelter is low barrier, offering services to persons even if they are under the influence, however alcohol and drug use is not permitted on the premises.

CMHA-S/M Healing with Hope Home

A managed alcohol program (MAP) helps reduce harm for individuals with alcohol addiction. The Healing with Hope Home serves individuals who are chronically homeless and who experience multiple health and personal safety concerns. Following a harm reduction model and philosophy, the program provides wraparound services and supports including shelter, meals, primary care, mental health and supportive counselling, housing support and case management services. Individuals who become residents of the Healing with Hope Home live in a safe and secure residence and receive a specific amount of alcohol daily within the facility where they are housed.

Click here to read more about 200 Larch construction.


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