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Healing with Hope: Same program, new name

Previously known as the Harm Reduction Home, a home to support individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and who are impacted by alcohol dependence, has changed its name to Healing with Hope. Staff and residents of the home celebrated with dinner and a cake. Here’s a little more on the name change from the Coordinator of Healing with Hope.

Q: How was the new name chosen?
A: Individuals and staff were encouraged to submit their ideas for a new program name. Once all of the ideas were submitted, individuals and staff voted to narrow it down to the top three names. The individuals voted one last time and Healing with Hope won by majority.

Q: How will the name impact current and future residents?
A: Our hope is that the new name will make the program feel less clinical and more like a home. For individuals coming into the program it demonstrates how they are included in the process, it instils a sense of hope and makes them feel like they are being welcomed into a home. Additionally, since we moved into our permanent location now is a great opportunity to start fresh. We want to increase awareness in the community to decrease the stigma surrounding addiction and mental illness.

Q: Is the Managed Alcohol Program now called Healing with Hope as well?
A: Healing with Hope is a home that provides access to a managed alcohol program, run by CMHA Sudbury/Manitoulin, to support individuals who are homeless or at risk of homeless and who are impacted by alcohol dependence. The facility is called Healing with Hope Home and the program run at the home is a Managed Alcohol Program (MAP). This model is anevidence-based, harm reduction program that is used to help reduce the social and physical harms associated with severe Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD).

Q: Was there any re-naming ceremony?
A: We hosted a dinner for the residents when we announced the new name to them. This new name is really about the individuals and since we wanted everyone to be very involved, it only seemed right to celebrate over a meal. They chose the meal, we all ate together, and the new name was revealed written on a cake!

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